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medium length film - 55min - VHS,HD - 2011

writer, director. Lukas Feigelfeld

camera. Alexander Haspel, Lukas Feigelfeld,Violeta Burckhardt

production. Lukas Feigelfeld / Retina Fabrik

cast. Violeta Burckhardt Razeto, Lukas Feigelfeld,

Eugen Pell, Katharina Kopecky


Vienna in the late 90es. Grainy and shaky VHS footage reveals

the video-diary of Markus and Ana, a young couple, unemployed

and with trouble in their mind. Boredom and the need for adrenaline pushes them into a spiral of theft, alcohol and drugs. Captured in detail with their own video-camera, the footage will soon become

evidence of a sad tragedy




Destination Wien 2015 - Kunsthalle Wien - exhibition - Austria